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Our Commitment

At SRTX, we are on a mission to lead and accelerate the world’s transition to circular fashion. This spans how we design our products, what we put into our products, and how we make and deliver our products. We continually find new ways to engage our

Products and Materials

Circularity starts by extending the lifetime of a product.More than 40% of people report that their tights do not last beyond 3 wears, and in 70% of cases the maximum number of wears they reach is 6. It is estimated that a person has to buy an averag

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging. SRTX is committed to packaging our products sustainably to decrease our carbon footprint.We prioritize recyclable, plant-based plastics and paper, otherwise leveraging biodegradable materials. We continually strive to minimize

Are they biodegradable?

Our goal is to reduce the number of tights purchased overall - making sure fewer pairs of tights end up in landfills and reducing the need to buy replacements over time. Although our fiber is not biodegradable, we’re aware of our impact on the enviro