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Snags and DefectsUpdated 4 months ago

Sometimes, since our tights are knit rather than a solid fabric, strands of the fiber can get twisted (usually after a wash or first putting them on) into lines that look like snags. This is easily fixed! All you need to do is pinch on either side of the line with both hands and tug sharply a few times, wiggling on some of the more stubborn ones and massaging the fibers back into place. Don't be afraid to really pull at the line, it should almost make a snapping sound. Our tights can take it 😉

In cases of discoloration or inconsistencies with the fibers, a hand wash or gentle cycle machine wash (learn more about washing your tights here) can allow the fibers to reset; repeating the massage method if needed.

This should fix most issues, but if it doesn’t please let us know!

A gentle reminder that rips, tears, and defects fall under our 90-Day Guarantee - more details here.

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