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Order Lost or Stuck In TransitUpdated 14 days ago

Your order has shipped but is taking too long to arrive?

If your order has shipped but seems to be lost or stuck in transit, you can:

1) Check that your shipping address is correct

  • Check your order confirmation email to make sure it was sent to the right place

2) Check around your home or building, or with neighbours

  • We recommend quickly double-checking your residence, mailbox, and doors, to ensure your package is not just misplaced. This will also support us in applying for a lack of delivery from the carrier, if needed. 
  • Our packages are typically on the smaller side, so it may be in your mailbox instead of at your front door or mailroom.

  • Depending on the carrier, the tracking link may contain a proof of delivery photo.

3) Give it a couple of days

  • Sometimes carriers accidentally scan packages that are still in transit. That means your package could be marked as “Delivered” even though it’s still on its way. This can be frustrating but your package is likely to show up within three days of a premature scan.

4) Check for a notice of attempted delivery

  • This notice will tell you the steps you should take to receive your package. You may need to pick it up at the post office or a carrier location.

We also ask that you contact the carrier for more information. Many times they can provide additional details that may help you find your package and avoid having to wait for a replacement.

If none of the above has resulted in anything positive, please reach out to us so we can get you your tights! 

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