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Advice and facts on how to care of your Sheertex products


What makes them different from other brands?

When we say we're the creators behind the strongest tights on the market today, we mean it. All our hosiery products are made with our Sheertex proprietary knit, which contains fibres that are traditionally used in mountain climbing equipment. The Sh

What are they made of?

Our tights are made of a miniaturized version of the same polymer used in bulletproof vests and mountaineering equipment! It's something we had to spend years and years developing, and we're very proud of it. Other than our super-strong fibre, our it

Do you make products other than tights?

We're working on a brand new product from SRTX (our parent company). Stay tuned for more info. If there's anything you'd like to see, let us know and we'll send it over to our Product team for inspo!

When will Nude products be in stock?

Our nude tights pre-orders were a huge success! Our team is currently hard at work ensuring that our customers get their orders as soon as possible. We hope to have them back in stock in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates!

How do I wash them?

Our tights can be thrown in the gentle cycle of a washing machine and the low heat setting in your dryer (ideally in a wash bag). However, for best results, we recommend hand washing your tights in cold water with a delicates detergent and let air dr

Conscious Caring

Laundry alone accounts for roughly 30% of the carbon footprint of clothing. Did you know that by making conscious choices on how you care for your tights, you can reduce their environmental impact by saving energy and water usage, and increase their

Snags and Defects

A gentle reminder that rips, tears, and defects fall under our 90-Day Guarantee - more details here.